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Product Description

Legendary Trio is a multigame that combines the Legends of Robin Hood, Hercules, and Captain Jack.  Legendary Trio is packed with interactive bonus games and features.

Captain Jack 2

Three Scatter symbols will trigger the Bonus round.  The player can select either the Bonus Game or Free Games

In the Bonus game players can pick any item on the screen to win prizes.  If the player picks the Next symbol they will advance to the next round.  The bonus will end if Exit is selected.  In round two the player gets to choose one door.  Rescue Anne and receive the highest prize.  Player can select Take or Retry at the end of the Bonus game

The Golden Cannon Feature will be triggered when a Cannon Symbol appears.  The symbols hit by the pirate ship will be replaced by the symbol on the pirate ship.

A Wild Wave feature will randomly appear in a game and the symbols flushed by the sea wave will change to Wild symbols.

Sherwood Forest

After a win the winning symbols will disappear and new symbols will drop down for another chance to win.

When the Golden Arrow appears in the fifth reel, they symbols shot by Robin Hood will be replaced with Wild symbols to increase the winning chance

Three Scatter symbols will trigger either The Archery Bonus Game or Free Games

In the Archery Bonus Game the player can shoot the money bags to win either prizes or a prize multiplier.  The game ends when Exit is picked.

During the Free Spins designated symbols will turn to Wild symbols on consecutive wins to increase the players chance of winning.


Three or more Feature symbols will trigger the Labors of Hercules feature for a chance to win Jackpot 1

When a player misses a third Scatter symbol there is a chance to trigger the Strength of Hercules which will give another chance to collect the third Scatter symbol.

Three scatter symbols will result in The Choice of Hercules.  The player can select either the Bonus Game or Free Games.

In the Bonus game the player will spin a wheel.  When Hydra is hit it will double the win and enter the next stage.  The game ends when Exit is hit.

Free Games will give a player five free spins.  In each free spin there will be a full reel of Wild Venus to increase the winning chance.  Wild Venus reels will appear and randomly move in each free spin.

Legendary Trio Product Features

XGA High Resolution Graphics

3 Games in One

Multiple Interactive Bonus Games

Hold Feature

Double Up Game

3 Jackpots Random or Progressive

Hand count, score box, and 10 times options

Max 5 tickets per game option