Does Moss offer financing and leasing?

While Moss does not offer inhouse financing, we do work with leading Financial Institutions.

Please see our Financing page HERE for more details.

What type of payments does Moss accept?

We accept the following payment options:

• Checks /eChecks
• Money Orders
• Wire Transfers
• Cashier’s Checks
• Cash

What is needed to start the credit process?

Please reach out to a Moss Sales Manager to get started today.


What is the warranty policy on a new arcade game?

All new equipment purchased from Moss Distributing is covered by the original manufacturer warranties. Manufacturer warranties vary by length and policies. For parts or repairs please contact Moss’s part and service department.

Find a detailed list of Manufacturer Warranties: Here!

What is the warranty policy on a used arcade game?

Moss Distributing’s warranty on used games is 30 days from date of purchase.

Do arcade games use a standard electrical outlet?

Yes, the games use standard 110v three-prong outlet. However, 220V is available on request for use outside of the US.

Does Moss charge for consultations?

No, Moss does not charge for consultations. Reach out today to schedule yours.

Does Moss install/sell card readers?

Yes, Moss does install/sell card readers. We work with all card system suppliers. Ask your sales manager for more details.

Does Moss install game rooms?

Yes, Moss is a one stop shop. We can assist with a single game purchase all the way to a full turn-key installation.

Does Moss sell arcade parts and accessories?

Yes, Moss offers a full line of parts and service. While our parts website is under construction, please reach out to our parts & service department. Email:

How do I contact Service?

Moss has 2 main service locations. One at our corporate office (Des Moines, IA) and the other in Kansas City, MO.

DSM phone #: 515-266-6422 X1

KC phone #: 816-231-6600 x3

How can I find out the dimensions of an arcade game?

Navigate to the game on Moss’s website and the information will be under Product Specs.

Does Moss offer special post-installation services?

Yes, Moss offers ongoing training and evaluations, as well as performance recommendations.

What should I consider when choosing space for my arcade games?

Always allocate 65-70 square feet per game with open design and sightlines.

Can I buy games and equipment for home use?

Yes, please reach out to one of our Sales Managers today.

Do you have any guidelines on how to calculate arcade game earnings for planning purposes?

Every location and earning potential is different. Moss suggests reaching out to one of our Sales Managers to help you determine your locations potential.  

I am planning to open a new facility. When should I consider retaining Moss’s services?

Although Moss Distributing will be willing to assist at any point of the process, the best time is in the planning/development time. That is when most mistakes happen. Moss will be able to assist you with the correct mix of games, layout design, electrical and structure needs, as well as assisting in creating a realistic development budget. Our goal is to help create the maximum earning potential for your location.

Can Moss help us with more services than just game room design?

Moss Distributing does not only specialize in turnkey installation services, we can also assist with prize counter design layout, prize selection, and recommended ticket payout and prize ticket values.

How much does it cost to open an arcade?

Every location and earning potential is different. Moss suggests reaching out to one of our Sales Managers to help you determine your location's potential.