MS0764 LAI Angry Birds Coin Crash 2P

MS0764 LAI Angry Birds Coin Crash 2P

  • Item #: MS0764

Product Description

A new product for the highest-earning category of arcade game with a totally fresh concept and a world-renowned, all-ages IP keeps players glued to the game. Popular with people aged 8 to 88, Angry Birds Coin Crash is built for mass appeal and a level of excitement that keeps players engaged. Players work to build a tower of coins and crash it over the edge for a massive ticket win. Entertaining at every turn with multiple opportunities to win tickets, the impressive tower builder mesmerizes players, then keeps them playing until they push it off the playfield!Unlike other pushers that feature collectible items, Angry Birds Coin Crash is self-contained with nothing to restock, and that means all its earnings add to your bottom line.

Product Specs

  • Amp Requirements4
  • Installed Dimension Height109.00
  • Installed Dimension Length49.00
  • Installed Dimension Weight1367.00
  • Installed Dimension Width62.00
  • Power Requirements110 Volts
  • Shipping DimensionsPLT1 - D51"x W33"x H75" 700lbs, PLT2 - D51"x W33"x H75" 700

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