• Item #: MS7063

Product Description

The vibrant emerald glow of Emerald City will shine brightly for all fans worldwide.Following in the successful footsteps of the world-wide, coin-operated smash hit Wizard of Oz, Emerald City Edition takes this Elaut amusement coin-pusher to new heights.Just as in the motion picture Wizard of Oz, the vibrant emerald glow of the Emerald City will shine brightly against the matte black profiles. The exterior of the cabinet is brought to life with actual characters photos and movie scenes taken from this iconic 75-year old film. Fans of all ages will be drawn to play at the station of the favorite character. The interior cabinet is adorned with replica Emerald City towers that evoke the essence of the games theme.As in the original Wizard of Oz, Players will be challenged to strategically place coins on the pusher playfield with hope of driving coins over the playfield ledge. On top of the coin playfield, players will find the familiar green and red tokens that offer player collectibles tokens or tokens that can be redeemed for tickets.In addition, a NEW SERIES of character cards have been added to delight the collectors and promote extended and repeat play on the machine to drive revenue to new higher levels. Executing the proper coin combination will activate the Yellow Brick Road Bonus Wheel for even more excitement. Emerald City Edition will be available in 2 Player, 3 Player and 6 Player configuration and can be operated by token or card swipe play.

Product Specs

  • Installed Dimension Height91.00
  • Installed Dimension Length69.00
  • Installed Dimension Weight1433.00
  • Installed Dimension Width77.00
  • Power Requirements110 Volts Standard; 220 Volts on Request
  • Shipping DimensionsD75"x W75"x H93" 1575lbs

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