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  • Item #: MS0031

Product Description

Simple and addictively fun gameplay: press start button, wait for model toy truck to roll back to start position and push truck up the track, trying to align with the BIGWIN! marker to win the bonus. Tickets are won with every play, based on where the truck stops. Detailed graphics and sounds abound. The game borrows from a popular theme in the Jurassic Park movies: dinosaurs chasing trucks. The game’s objective is to “escape from the island.” The central components are two miniature off-road vehicle replicas that players push up the railed tracks. What makes JWFK so much fun is that the player actually grips and pushes the truck without the intervention of a lever, plunger or other controller. Two player stations. 100% skill. TM & ©2019 Universal Studios.

Product Specs

  • Amp Requirements4
  • Installed Dimension Height85.00
  • Installed Dimension Length119.00
  • Installed Dimension Weight1190.00
  • Installed Dimension Width55.00
  • Power Requirements110 Volts Standard; 220 Volts on Request

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