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  • Item #: MS0818

Product Description

What makes RILIX different?The Rilix Coaster is designed for anyone looking to start their own business, gain financial independence, or improve their current business.The RILIX Coaster is exciting for users, takes up less space than traditional, physical thrill experiences, and delivers tremendous ROI for arcade and vending machine owners. Utilizing completely new technology, RILIX combines software and hardware design and development processes to provide a 100% immersive, virtual roller coaster experience.Rilix Coaster, an excellent option for your arcadeThe Rilix Coaster was designed to delight and amaze its riders with experiences you can see, hear, and feel. The full Rilix system gives business owners a truly unique product that is easy to manage, highly accessible, and made for customers of all ages.? Wind system, to increase the user's experience? Vibration system helps to bring the sensation of movement to the simulator? It uses the Oculus GO of virtual reality, one of the best in the market? Custom payment systems? For two players? Simple easy-to-use system? Low investment cost, and without operator? The Simulator has no movement

Product Specs

  • Installed Dimension Height84.00
  • Installed Dimension Length70.00
  • Installed Dimension Weight275.00
  • Installed Dimension Width50.00
  • Power Requirements110 Volts Standard; 220 Volts on Request